These headlines made me want to ask a question my mother used to ask – What’s this world coming to?

Snakes, Meth Found in Home of Wandering Toddler
Put that kid somewhere safe, please!

Man Charged for Hitting Woman With 30-Inch Arrow
“Collins wasn’t aiming at anyone, and Sunday’s shooting was believed to be accidental.” Oh, Lordy!

Ohio Transgender Woman Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Exercising Husband to Death

Police Seize 42-Piece Dinner Set Made of Cocaine
Amazing! You have to wonder what could have been accomplished by this person if he’d spent his time on ending world hunger or something equally important.

Kansas Man Allegedly Had 2 Wives in Same Apartment Complex
Convenient…..and apparently unlucky for him.

Doctors Warn of Dangers in Kids ‘Smoking’ Candy
Oh, Lord have mercy!! – as we say in the South.

Why Do I Get a Headache During Sex?
I’m not commenting on this one – thank you very much.

Google Mail Introduces ‘Undo Send’ Feature
Now, I love my GMail dearly.  It does a great job of identifying “spam” so I don’t have to……but I don’t think this announcement warrants a big headline, except to the people who use Gmail.


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