Remember my grandkitty, Cassie?

I received an email from The Kid last night:

Subject:  An Invite

I’m supposed to forward this on to you…

“Dear Grandma Kitty:
I think you’re nice. You smell good and I like the way you rub my belly. Please come over and play with me this weekend.
Love, Cassie”

And I replied:

Hey, Kid,

You’re a good kitty mommy to do as you’re told.

Love, Mom
– – – –

Dear Cassie,

I like you, too, and think you are the cutest kitty I’ve ever seen and the smartest.

I’ll put you on my schedule for some tummy rubbing this weekend.  Maybe we’ll even have time for some back scratching.

Grandma Kitty

The Kid wrote back:

Hey, Mom,

Cassie would write back, but she started going nuts when I told her you were coming over. Her latest trick is that she jumps in my lap or sits beside me in my computer chair when I’m online. Very cute. She’s also started chasing me around the apartment. I’ll see you Thursday I guess.

We’re a nutty family, can you tell?.  We do make out own fun sometimes.

I’ve wondered how my great-grandmother would feel about the cute little kitty who has her name.    This is Grandma Cassie:

This is Cassie’s beautiful daughter, Alice – my grandmother:

My Grandma Alice died the year before I was born so I never got to know her.  My Dad said I looked very much like her.  I considered that a great compliment!


2 thoughts on “E-MAIL FROM CASSIE

  1. PS You can still come over this weekend if you want to brave the cold. Mommy cat was out late tonight (late being 8 p.m.) and the Cassie kitty needs some attention. She was waiting in the window for me when I got home, watching. Then, I found her pacing by the door when I came in. LOL. It’s nice to feel loved and needed.

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