The Kid and I went to the nursing home to visit Granny (my MIL, Kid’s grandmother) today on her 98th birthday. We enjoyed the visit immensely – Granny can be very entertaining.

Happy 98th b-day, Gran!

As some of you may know, today was my Granny’s 98th birthday. Yes, that’s right. I did say 98. As Granny would say “Now, that’s old.” So, Mom and I ordered a nice cookie cake and headed out to the nursing home in Fayetteville for a little birthday celebration.

Here I should add a few words about my Granny’s current condition. She is for the most part blind and going deaf. She has a hip that never healed from a break a few years back. She has dementia. On a good day, she just wants to sleep. On a bad day, she has no clue who you are and is convinced you have kidnapped her or something equally egregious.

So, the cookie cake was a calculated move since we know she can no longer see to feed herself. It’s also something she loves, something that usually draws a positive response from her and makes her forget all about kidnappings and other nefarious things.

At first, Granny was none too keen on the whole birthday idea. She just wanted to sleep, as is her right and privilege as a woman who is bordering on centenarian. All of that of course changed when the word “cookie” came into the conversation. Granny: Well, where is it? Me: It’s right here. Granny: Well, give it to me. Alrighty then. Fast forward through me feeding her numerous pieces of the cookie cake and her loving it and smacking her lips together every time she wanted more.

Finally, my mother decided Granny had had enough sweets and needed to stop. Granny, of course, had other ideas. First, she tried the flattery approach… Granny: I’d really like some more of those molasses cookies. I love those. They’re so good. (Yes, it was really chocolate chip, but really when you’re 98 I guess you’re just glad to taste anything let alone identify it.) Me: Okay, let me get you some more. Granny: My mouth’s right here. Then, she tried the damsel in distress approach… Granny: Help me. Help! Me: What’s wrong, Granny? Granny: It’s my mouth. Me: What’s wrong with your mouth? Do you need a drink? Granny: No, I don’t need a drink. No. Me: What’s wrong with your mouth? Granny: It’s empty. Okay… (Imagine my mother and I belly laughing here because that’s exactly what happened.)

Anyhow, a good time was had by all. Granny enjoyed her cookie, so I promised to bring her more next week for Easter.



2 thoughts on “A GUEST POST FROM “THE KID”

  1. I love this post—The Kid can really write! And a Happy Birthday to Granny—she earned that cookie! At her age, she deserves all the cookies she wants.

    By the way I often have the same trouble with my mouth! 🙂

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