I actually wrote this a few weeks ago when our temperature
was staying in the high nineties [and feeling like 110].
Guess I was so wiped out I forgot to post it.
No, senility did not enter into it.

Well, I just returned from visiting the vampire at the hospital lab.  As usual lately, my veins didn’t cooperate.  She ended up using a nice big one on top of my hand.  What happened to all those nice bulging veins I used to have?  Nothing else about me has shrunk, why would my veins?

No food, no meds, little sleep – my day started with a loud sound coming from next door [neighbors cutting down big trees damaged by earlier ice storm], then The Kid on the phone sounding like “Little Miss Outrageously Cheerful.”  Don’t people know that I sleep LATE?

First off, I went into the Clinic, ask for a ride up to the lab and checked on my Friday appointment time.  Turns out my appointment is Thursday at 11:30 so I guess lunch with The Kid is out.

I rode up to the lab in a golf cart – nice breeze, nice driver.  Got to the lab, they couldn’t find the orders.  We waited quite awhile for the clinic to fax over the order.  They hadn’t put a diagnosis down, so waited for them to redo it and resend so Medicare would pay.

After the bloodletting was accomplished, I got a ride back to the clinic in a TAHOE – do you know how tall those things are?  Finally got my short, crippled self loaded into it.  Nice security guy was driving, 2-way radio announcing more people needed rides.

I got back to my HOT Highlander [Thank God for a good A/C], drove straight to Sonic for a Bacon, Egg, Cheese Toaster and Route 44 Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper.

Now home where the A/C is working like crazy!  Not quite as light headed and flighty now since finishing the BEC Toaster and taking meds.  Sonic DDP doesn’t hurt either.

A nap in a worn out recliner sounds really good right now.

Any questions?


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