From Fox News:

A Phoenix-area pastor has started to draw protesters to his congregation after he delivered a sermon titled, “Why I Hate Barack Obama,” and told his parishioners that he prays for President Obama’s death.

Pastor Steven Anderson stood by his sermon in an interview with MyFOXPhoenix, which reports that the pastor continues to encourage his parishioners to join him in praying for the president’s death.

“I hope that God strikes Barack Obama with brain cancer so he can die like Ted Kennedy and I hope it happens today,” he told MyFOXPhoenix on Sunday. He called his message “spiritual warfare” and said he does not condone killing.

Even though he says he doesn’t condone killing, listen to excerpts from his actual sermon here: Rick Sanchez Report-CNN

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I have so many things I need to do but haven’t been getting them done very well lately.

One thing that I did get done last week was my mammogram for this year.  Since several of my relatives have had breast cancer, it is one of the more important things that I do take care of.

They found a spot again last year that had to be rechecked as usual. I was so thrilled when they eventually told me I could wait a whole year to come back.

I do not look forward to going, but I sure look forward to having it “completed.”  “Done.”  I fully expected the usual ultra sound afterward and “we’ll keep an eye on it, so come back in a few months,” but that didn’t happen this time.  Just “Goodbye, we’ll send you a letter.”

Praise the Lord, I received that letter today and it says my results are “normal.”  “Come back next year.”  So I’m very happy now.

The experience is certainly not one to look forward to, and I wouldn’t attempt to describe it.  But I believe Anna Lefler does a great job of describing it on her blog:





Sometimes Alleluia,
Sometimes Praise The Lord
Sometimes Gently Singing,
Our Hearts In One Accord

Oh let us lift our voices,
Look toward the sky and start to sing
Oh let us now return His love,
Just let our voices ring

Oh let us know His presence,
Let the sound of praises fill the air
Oh let us sing the song of Jesus’ love,
To people everywhere.


Oh let our joy be unconfined,
Let us sing with freedom unrestrained
Let’s take this feeling that we’re feeling now,
Outside these walls and let it rain.
Oh let the Spirit overflow,
As we are filled from head to toe.
We love you Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
And we want this world to know.



Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor on the Passing of Ted Kennedy:

August 26, 2009
Press Release

I will miss Ted Kennedy’s compassion, courage, and friendship. His 47 years spent fighting to lift families out of poverty is reflected as much in the south as in his home state. Behind this lion’s battle cry was an uncanny ability to reach across the aisle and find compromise. As a result, our children today receive a better education, the sick and elderly receive better health care and minorities have better opportunities for success. He will be missed by all.



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[The video quality for this song is not so good, but I love the music.]


I have returned to the God of my childhood,
To the same simple faith as a child I once knew;
Like the prodigal son I have longed for my loved ones,
For the comforts of home and the God I outgrew.

I have returned to the God of my childhood,
Bethlehem’s Babe, the prophet’s Messiah;
He’s Jesus to me, Eternal Deity;
Praise His name, I have returned.

I have returned to the God of my mother,
With unfailing faith for the child of her heart;
She said bring them up the way that you want them,
Thank God when they’re grown, they’ll never depart.

I have returned to the God of my mother,
I learned at her knee He’s the lily of the valley;
He’s Jesus to me, Eternal Deity;
Praise His name, I have returned.

I have returned to the God of my father,
The most God-like man a child could know;
I just heard a shout from the angels in glory,
Praising the Lord a child has come home.

I have returned to the God of my father,
Creator of heaven and earth, God of the universe;
He’s Jesus to me, Eternal Deity;
Praise His name, I have returned.

I have returned to the Yahweh of Judah,
On my knees I did fall where the wall now stands;
This lesson I learned as I’ve worked my way homeward,
The Saviour of all is a comfort to man.

I have returned to the Father of Abraham,
The shepherd of Moses who called Him the great I am;
He’s Jesus to me, Eternal Deity;
Praise His name, I have returned.


So, how could it have been three weeks since I even posted a “Then Sings my Soul” – well, let’s see:

First, The Kid told me that I needed to sign up for Facebook.  And, since I sometimes do what other people tell me, I signed up.

Then I started looking for people I had known in times past – you know, back in olden days when I was in high school, etc. – and looking for relatives.  I found more relatives than high school people.  Guess my generation isn’t as interested in the computer and the internet.

Then I started playing Farm Town, Lil Green Space, Farmville, having Pillow Fights, setting up a family group, inviting all the relatives I could find to join and uploading old photos to it…

And so on…………..as my addiction took over. After my own intervention, I’ve cut back now to only playing Farm Town and the occasional pillow fight.  [I’m in withdrawal here, folks!]

Of course, the greatest thing about being on Facebook is that The Kid and I harvest each other’s crops on FT – we also chat almost every evening for a few minutes.  So, that’s a definite plus for me.

We are having a wonderful (cooler) day today.  We’re blessed.