So, how could it have been three weeks since I even posted a “Then Sings my Soul” – well, let’s see:

First, The Kid told me that I needed to sign up for Facebook.  And, since I sometimes do what other people tell me, I signed up.

Then I started looking for people I had known in times past – you know, back in olden days when I was in high school, etc. – and looking for relatives.  I found more relatives than high school people.  Guess my generation isn’t as interested in the computer and the internet.

Then I started playing Farm Town, Lil Green Space, Farmville, having Pillow Fights, setting up a family group, inviting all the relatives I could find to join and uploading old photos to it…

And so on………… my addiction took over. After my own intervention, I’ve cut back now to only playing Farm Town and the occasional pillow fight.  [I’m in withdrawal here, folks!]

Of course, the greatest thing about being on Facebook is that The Kid and I harvest each other’s crops on FT – we also chat almost every evening for a few minutes.  So, that’s a definite plus for me.

We are having a wonderful (cooler) day today.  We’re blessed.


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