I received an email yesterday morning from my cute little grandkitty, Cassandra Jean. She was noticeably upset with her mommy for not wanting her to play all night.

Dear Gramma-kitty,

Can I come lives with you. Mommy is mean. She got mad last night because I was playing and yelled at me. She said I was acting like crazy cat. I was just playin’. Then, she started maowing at me. It’s really annoying! I don’t know why she would do that. It’s not cute when she does it like it is when I do it. Anyhow, now she says she’s tired and is my fault. Crazy lady.

Loves you,

So I had to write her back ’cause I couldn’t drive up there right then.

Dear Cassie,

I’m sorry that I couldn’t read your message this morning and come get you. I had to go see a mean ol’ lady with a needle who wouldn’t let me eat first or have a DDP. She kept taking this red stuff from my arm and hand. I didn’t like it a bit. And the orange stuff she made me drink was yukky sweet.

At least I didn’t have to ride there in a cage like your Mommy makes you do, although it would have been nice to have someone carry me across the parking lot and into the building since my knees hurt so much.

Your Mommy says you two have made up now and you’ve decided to go on living with her. BUT if she is mean with you again, I’ll be right up there and you can come home with me. We’d get along great ’cause I stay up all night and sleep in daytime, too.

Gramma Kitty

P.S. I think the Dollar Store sells tuna, too. That’s the only place I can shop now since my knees don’t work so well.


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