My Help
sung by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

The Holy Bible: King James Version. 2000.
The Psalms

The LORD Is Thy Keeper
A Song of degrees.
1 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills,

from whence cometh my help.
2 My help cometh from the LORD,

which made heaven and earth.
3 He will not suffer thy foot to be moved:

he that keepeth thee will not slumber.
4 Behold, he that keepeth Israel

shall neither slumber nor sleep.
5 The LORD is thy keeper:

the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand.
6 The sun shall not smite thee by day,

nor the moon by night.
7 The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil:

he shall preserve thy soul.
8 The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in

from this time forth, and even for evermore.

Published by The American Bible Society


Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies is sponsored by Homesteader’s Heart.
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Dog needs job!

One day, as a dog was walking by a store, he noticed a sign which said, “Now Hiring: must be able to type 70 words per minute, and must be bilingual. Equal opportunity employment.” The dog took the sign in his mouth and brought it into the manager’s office. He set it down on the desk.

When the manager realized that the dog was applying for the job, he laughed and said, “I’m not going to hire a dog!” The dog put his paw on the part of the sign that read “equal opportunity employer.” “Well,” said the manager, “let’s see you type 70 words per minute!” He handed the dog a document and watched as the dog perfectly duplicated the document, and well over 70 words per minute.

The man looked at the dog. He couldn’t believe it. “Don’t tell me you’re bilingual too.” The dog opened his mouth and said, “Meow.”



Another drizzly, dreary Wednesday in the Ozarks…but the signs of a beautiful fall season are everywhere.  The last of the flowers blooming, many trees already showing their fall colors thru the drizzle.


The past week and a half have been busy for this retired lady.  I’m getting ready for a total knee replacement next week.  I’ve been to numerous doctors, the hospital, poked, prodded, bled, forced to drink yukky sweet orange stuff and failed the glucose test, forced to wear the same plastic bracelet for two weeks.  I guess they’re afraid I’ll forget who I am!  And some days I’d like to forget them.


I finally got the Accu-Check contraption to work correctly on the 3rd try and found out my level after lunch today is 107.  Guess that’s good as my fasting level was 111 last week before the orange yuk put it up to 232.


I had to quit taking my arthritis meds and glucosomine yesterday, so my pain level will be increasing.  Be glad if you don’t live near me – I will definitely be complaining and not walking very well by tomorrow.


Did you know that trying to get insurance for an unoccupied house is very difficult?  We’re still working on it.


Did you know that little black kitties are the next cutest things after your kids and grandkids?  At least, my grandkitty is.


Did you know that listening to my Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Playlist makes you feel 100% better on a dreary day? Hallelujah Anyhow!!


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I Never Lost My Praise
sung by
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

I’ve lost
Some good friends
Along life’s way
Some loved ones departed
In heaven to stay
But thank god
I didn’t lost everything
I’ve lost faith in people
Who said they cared
In time of my crisis
They were never there
But in my disappointment
In my season of pain
One thing never wavered
One thing never changed

I never lost my hope
I never lost my joy
I never lost my faith
But most of all
I never lost my praise

My praise still here
My praise still here

I’ve let some blessings
Slip away
When i lost my focus
And went astray
But thank god
I didn’t lost everything
I lost possessions
That were so dear
I lost some battles
Walking in fear
But in the midst
Of my struggles
In my season of pain
One thing never wavered
One thing never changed


Praise, praise, praise
Praise, praise
Most of all
I never lost my praise

My praise still here
My praise still here


Friday Funnies

Friday Funnies is sponsored by Homesteader’s Heart.

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But Officer . . .

One Sunday, sitting on the side of the highway waiting to catch speeding drivers, a State Police Officer sees a car puttering along at 22 MPH.

He thinks to himself, “This driver is just as dangerous as a speeder!” So he turns on his lights and pulls the driver over.

Approaching the car, he notices that there are five old ladies – two in the front seat and three in the back – wide eyed and white as ghosts. The driver, obviously confused, says to him, “Officer, I don’t understand, I was doing exactly the speed limit! I always go exactly the speed limit. What seems to be the problem?”

“Ma’am,” the officer replies, “you weren’t speeding, but you should know that driving slower than the speed limit can also be a danger to other drivers.”

“Slower than the speed limit? No sir, I was doing the speed limit exactly! Twenty-two miles an hour!” the old woman says a bit proudly.

The State Police officer, trying to contain a chuckle explains to her that “22” was the route number, not the speed limit.

A bit embarrassed, the woman grinned and thanked the officer for pointing out her error.

“But before I let you go, Ma’am, I have to ask . . . Is everyone in this car OK? These women seem awfully shaken and they haven’t muttered a single peep this whole time,” the officer asks with concern.

“Oh, they’ll be all right in a minute, officer. We just got off Route 119.”


When I Was Your Age

A young man who was also an avid golfer found himself with a few hours to spare one afternoon. He figured if he hurried and played very fast, he could get in 9 holes before he had to head home.

Just as he was about to tee off, an old gentleman shuffled onto the tee and asked if he could accompany the young man as he was golfing alone.

Not being able to say no, he allowed the old gent to join him.

To his surprise, the old man played fairly quickly. He didn’t hit the ball far, but plodded along consistently and didn’t waste much time.

They reached the ninth fairway, and the young man found himself with a tough shot. There was a large pine tree right in front of his ball, directly between his ball and the green.

After several minutes of debating how to hit the shot, the old man finally said, “You know, when I was your age, I’d hit the ball right over that tree.”

With that challenge placed before him, the youngster swung hard and hit the ball right smack into the top of the tree trunk, where it thudded back on the ground not a foot from where it had originally been.

The old man offered one more comment, “Of course, when I was your age. that pine tree was only 3 feet tall.”