Another drizzly, dreary Wednesday in the Ozarks…but the signs of a beautiful fall season are everywhere.  The last of the flowers blooming, many trees already showing their fall colors thru the drizzle.


The past week and a half have been busy for this retired lady.  I’m getting ready for a total knee replacement next week.  I’ve been to numerous doctors, the hospital, poked, prodded, bled, forced to drink yukky sweet orange stuff and failed the glucose test, forced to wear the same plastic bracelet for two weeks.  I guess they’re afraid I’ll forget who I am!  And some days I’d like to forget them.


I finally got the Accu-Check contraption to work correctly on the 3rd try and found out my level after lunch today is 107.  Guess that’s good as my fasting level was 111 last week before the orange yuk put it up to 232.


I had to quit taking my arthritis meds and glucosomine yesterday, so my pain level will be increasing.  Be glad if you don’t live near me – I will definitely be complaining and not walking very well by tomorrow.


Did you know that trying to get insurance for an unoccupied house is very difficult?  We’re still working on it.


Did you know that little black kitties are the next cutest things after your kids and grandkids?  At least, my grandkitty is.


Did you know that listening to my Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir Playlist makes you feel 100% better on a dreary day? Hallelujah Anyhow!!


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