What to Name my Blog?

I’ve been thinking about starting my own blog for awhile now, debating whether I had anything to say that might interest anyone else.

Obviously, I decided that I did as I started this blog today. Or maybe, I just wanted to say some things, whether anyone reads it or not.

Then there’s always the question of what to name the blog. I decided on this name because it reminds me of my Dad. Not when he was at his best – but this was one of the most recent memories of him.

Dad’s short-term memory went away in his later years. But he still felt that he was supposed to engage his “company” in conversation and entertain up until the end of his life, so we heard the same stories and comments every time we saw him.

Eventually, he would start talking and not remembering a lot to say, he would end with “and this, that and the other.” So, I choose to be reminded of him every time I come to this blog.


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