Yesterday was my first visit to an orthopedic doctor. I actually spent time with four different people there over a period of 2 1/2 hours. A very nice young lady took me to the “interview room” to take my blood pressure and ask questions that were not on their 2-page questionnaire. She said my blood pressure was 100/46. What the… ? ?

Then to a small waiting room where a fortyish guy was telling a retired couple all of his ailments and his worries about his IT job and the economy. I was thankful when the retired couple moved on and he went in for his x-rays. When I came out from my x-rays, he started telling me his story. Definitely T.M.I. for this stranger.

Then on to the exam room where the 1st young lady got my x-rays on the screen for the doctor. A young man came in and introduced himself as the doctor’s nurse. He tactfully said my knees didn’t look good at all and the damage was too far advanced for the gel shots my M.D. had mentioned. He explained that as the knee replacement is only good for up to 15 years, I was a little young for it. I instantly loved him!

He explained the few options available to me, answered my questions very thoroughly then left, after saying the doctor would be in momentarily. In a few minutes, another patient stuck her head in, trying to find the room she had been parked in before hunting the bathroom. Another nurse stuck her head in and said sorry, she thought the doctor was in there. So I didn’t get lonesome or even get to take a nap.

Then the O Doctor himself came in. He took a look at my x-rays and blurted out that my knees looked terrible, had seen a lot of miles for someone my age (I loved him, too). Then he, too, went over a few options, but said knee replacement would be in my future shortly.

So he gave me cortisone shots in each knee – well, actually he gave me a shot in one knee, then had to take a phone call from another doctor. The nurse went over a knee/muscle strengthening program, had me sign for the shots and finally went to see what was keeping the doctor. Then he came back and punctured the other knee, and and told me to come back in February.

Of course, then I had to treat myself to a Sonic Route 44 Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper. I deserved it!

After typing all this, I’m wondering if the talkative guy in that waiting room just uses a “vocal blog” instead of a written one. Seems I’m always talking about “personal stuff,” too. LOL


2 thoughts on “MY KNEES ARE WORN OUT

  1. Hey, what better place? That’s one of the great things about blogs and I did some of that myself today. My knees are crappy, I’m definitely not too young to have something done, but am definitely not rich enough to have something done. Fortunately, the acupuncturist I go to keeps me moving quite well. Enjoy that Sonic Route 44 Cherry Diet Dr. Pepper! you did deserve it!

  2. My walking now is very limited, so I haven’t been able to do a lot of things I wanted to since I retired. I’ve almost accepted that I need to have the surgery next year. For now, the shots are reducing the pain some.

    I’m not rich either, but am hoping that my Medicare/Medipak combination will cover most of it.

    Sounds like you stay moving a lot with all the things you’re involved in, all the photography, etc. Good for you.

    And the Sonic drink really hit the spot.

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